Reduces construction time by 40%

  • The Airfloor® slab can be safely walked on immediately and is already arranged for the attachment of the earthquake-proof ceiling.
  • It is no longer necessary to wait 28 days for the additional concrete casting to cure. The deck underneath the Airfloor® floor is immediately free and available for further work. Thanks to the dry weight of only 45 kg/m2, two workers can lift and lay the Airfloor® by hand.
  • Self-supporting up to 5 metres, Airfloor® allows the laying and supplementary pouring of concrete without the use of props. A real saving of material and time.
  • The construction speed achieved with Airfloor® is further increased when combined with NPS® beams and columns.

Suitable for highly seismic areas

  • Airfloor® is a floor suitable for interventions even in highly seismic areas.
  • Its light weight of 190 kg/m2 after casting results in a reduced load on the structure. More seismic safety and cost savings for foundations.
  • The use of the Airfloor® slab, especially if combined with NPS® beams and pillars, makes it possible to benefit from the Italian tax deductions Superbonus and Sismabonus for works of seismic improvement on existing buildings and demolitions and reconstructions with seismic adaptation.

Architectural freedom

  • The Airfloor® slab adapts to all possible project geometries.
  • It can be customized in its dimensions as needed and is available in submultiples.
  • Airfloor® is the ideal solution for residential, commercial, renovation and high-rise buildings.

Guaranteed thermal and acoustic insulation

  • The Airfloor® slab, combined with the most common finishing packages on the extrados and plasterboard on the intrados, complies with current acoustic insulation standards, in accordance with DPCM 5.12.97.
  • The Airfloor® slab complies to current thermal standards.
  • The airpop polystyrene layer favours thermal insulation, thanks to its closed-cell structure, formed by 98% air, it can ensure an equivalent thermal conductivity λ lower than 0.062 W/(mk).

Laying up to 1000m2/day

  • It only takes two workers and a crane operator to install an Airfloor® panel. A team of three lays 1000 m2 of slab per day.
  • Airfloor® panels can be stacked and lifted 5 at a time. Crane pulls drop dramatically by about 80%.
  • The floor slab is laid with precast mortar, the distribution reinforcement is positioned and then the completion pour is carried out immediately. There is no risk of leaking since the panels adhere to each other thanks to the shaped profile.