Airfloor™ panels can be stacked and then lifted 5 at a time.

For technical storage requirements, please refer to the Tecnostrutture’s product assembly and installation booklet.


Airfloor™ floor panels can be lifted and handled with standard lifting equipment, such as cranes or crane trucks.

Airfloor™ panels can be stacked and lifted 5 at a time. Crane pulls drop dramatically by about 80%.

For technical prescriptions, please refer to Tecnostrutture’s product assembly and installation booklet.


The slab is laid with the pre-cast mortar. The AIrfloor™ slab can be safely walked on immediately, even before casting.

The distribution reinforcement is placed and then the completion casting is carried out immediately.

There is no risk of leaking as the panels adhere to each other thanks to the shaped profile.


Application of pendants for plasterboard finishing

The application of the plasterboard ceiling is very easy and starts immediately after the installation of the panels.

After positioning all the panels, it is possible to insert the hangers every 60 cm following the references indicated in the EPS, making sure to anchor them to the ceiling reinforcement. By arranging the hangers according to a 60 cm x 60 cm scheme, it is possible to fix them even if the orientation of the false ceiling structure is not known.

At this point the pendants are inserted at the intersection of the boards. After casting the slab, proceed as any other ceiling system, screwing the clips and hooking the metal guides on which the plasterboard sheets will be fixed.


Finishing with skimming or plasterboard

The Airfloor™ slab can be completed with plasterboard application or smoothing. Watch the two tutorials.


Installation Video