NPS® Connections

NPS® Connections, completely made of structural steel UNI EN 10025-2, substitute traditional reinforcements made of steel for greater B450C adherence positioned on the supports.

They realise the horizontal continuity of NPS® structures, the homogeneity of the resistance type, and concrete confining at the beam-column node. Ductility and the performance resistance level, bending and cut of the beam-column node are also guaranteed.

NPS® Connections, individual or assembled using batten plates, are produced in different shapes and sizes to allow better integration with NPS® structures. Furthermore, their use provides quick set-up: they are directly inserted between the column bars, with no other manual operation.

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China Eng. Stefano China,
Technical Director


Connections are used to realise seismic-resistant internal nodes capable of dissipating energy by keeping ductility even higher than an analogous reinforced cement node. Joining together the advantages of mixed steel-concrete structures, such as lightness and efficiency, with the need for movement and quick placement on the site as well as the reliability and safety of a product reinforced in a qualified Transformation Centre.


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