NPS® Dia

NPS® Dia sheet piling truss is made of structural steel (UNI EN 10025-2), according to the patent filed.
Finalised with the construction of retaining walls, support walls and NPS® Diaphragms, NPS® Dia reinforces and contains temporary works destined for the realisation of infrastructure.

NPS® Dia is applied to containing walls with CSM technology ("Cutter Soil Mixing”),which foreseen the remixing of soil at the site with additional water and a binding agent, which could be cement or bentonite, and a potential insufflation of air.

The monolithic design of the work further guarantees the elimination of torsion instability during the installation phase compared to metal profile solutions.

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Paolo Biondo,
NPS® Designer 


For all tasks that require soil containment during the digging phase, NPS® Dia is a truss panel made of steel which is rendered safe with one operation, quick and precise reinforcement insertion in the reinforced concrete NPS® Diaphragms.


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