NPS® Basic Column

NPS® Basic is the base solution of the NPS® gamma. Fire-resistant, from a structural point of view, it can be compared to a precast reinforced concrete column. Its advantage is the higher quality because produced in plant.

It is available in single or multi-storey members provided with patented supports and joints to guarantee structural continuity, and to allow beams to be inserted correctly.

With UNI EN 13225 CE marking, it comes complete with anchor bolts to anchor it to the foundation, prefixing template, and joining flanges to house the floor beams, NPS® beam support and joint members.

Product Details

Technical data

Metal structure B450C internal reinforcement
Casting framework
Self-supporting Yes
Mechanical resistance to fire ( R ) Fire-resistant according to DM 03.08.2015 requirements
Standards referenced
Design Elaborated with the NPS System calculation procedure conforming to the Standard in force, and signed by a qualified technician.

Connetion types

Base Base
Connection type 1 Connection type 1
Type 2 Type 2
Type 3 Type 3


Fedrigo Eng. Alessandro Fedrigo,
NPS® Designer


NPS® Basic column is ideal to quickly and easily realise structures of considerable height, in particular the section reduced to a node, it allows NPS® columns to be safely moved and placed precisely.


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