NPS® PDTI® Column

Recommended for construction in seismic zones, and to make the best use of space thanks to the compactness of sections with the same required performance, for structure ductility and beam-column node confining. It is suitable for infrastructure, major projects, and just as it is for residential buildings.

EN 1090-1 CE marked, NPS® PDTI® is comprised of metal profiles with circular, square ore rectangular sections, usually filled with concrete. It joins the versatility of a metal structure in the provisional phase with the resistance of a composite steel-concrete structure in the working phase.

It can be supplied with helical or vertical welding, and if requested in a multi-storey version, even with a differentiated section for each interfloor.

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Technical data

Metal structure S275J0/S355 structural steel sleeve conforming to Standard UNI EN 10219-1. Beyond representing formwork for the casting formwork, it also comprises a hoop system around the central, internal concrete, increasing total resistance
Casting framework Same class foreseen for the cast of above ground projects, up to C40/50
Self-supporting Yes
Welding Helical or vertical (tube) and with fillet or completely clean (flange), realised using metal active gas welding (Process UNI EN ISO 4063-135)
Mechanical resistance to fire ( R ) Up to 120 minutes, due to its native features. If required up to 240 minutes.
Standards referenced For design and dimensions Eurocode 4 For structural nodes UNI EN 10219-1 For anti-seismic Eurocode 8 For fire-resistance EC4
Design Elaborated with the System calculation procedure conforming to the Standard in force, and signed by a qualified technician

Column sections

Circular Circular
Square Square
Rectangular Rectangular


Rust-proof treatment- PDTI® con trattamento antiruggine Rust-proof treatment- PDTI® con trattamento antiruggine
Primer for plaster Primer for plaster
Intumescent treatment for fire-resistance Intumescent treatment for fire-resistance
Sanding and epoxy painting Sanding and epoxy painting

Connetion types


Graphic preliminary design

PDTI® Column- Graphic preliminary design PDTI® Column- Graphic preliminary design



Favarato Eng. Alessandra Favarato,
NPS® Designer


NPS® PDTI® columns behave well in framed and wall buildings. Support flanges for beams are easily adaptable even in cases where there are jumps in height and non-perpendicular beams.

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