Predesign Software

EASY NPS® is the software that allows to independently predesign NPS® beams on multiple spans.
You thus obtain the equivalent elastic modulus to insert the beam in the FEM project, and the section, in .ifc format, to be uploaded onto each BIM software.

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The EASY NPS® software allows you to obtain the optimal section of the NPS® beam for your project, thus reducing calculation times.

Just enter four project data:

  1. dimensions of the beams
  2. type of supports
  3. loads acting on the beam
  4. type of slabs

Once entered the data, you can check the span predesign according to different parameters:

  1. Construction phase (1st phase) moment
  2. Construction phase 1st phase shear
  3. End phase (2nd phase) moment
  4. End phase (2nd phase) shear
  5. deformability

At this point you can export:

  1. the NPS® beam in dxf format;
  2. the .ifc model to be displayed in BIM;
  3. a report in .rtf format

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Happy planning!

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