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EASY NPS® is the software that allows to independently predesign NPS® beams on multiple spans. You thus obtain the equivalent elastic modulus to insert the beam in the FEM project, and the section in .ifc format, to be uploaded onto each BIM software.

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New 2020

The EASY NPS® software allows you to obtain automatically the optimal section of the NPS® beam for your project, 
thus reducing calculation times.

Enter 4 project data

  1. dimensions of the beams
  2. type of supports
  3. loads acting on the beam
  4. type of slabs and loads

Enter the values of the loads acting on the slab, it is required to enter
1st phase loads, acting during construction phase until the concrete casting has not reached the design strength - and 2nd phase loads, acting in the final phase, when steel and concrete work together.

Select the verification diagram

Select the type of diagram you want to check for the pre-dimensioning of the span among 5 options:

  1. Construction phase (1st phase) moment
  2. Construction phase 1st phase shear
  3. End phase (2nd phase) moment
  4. End phase (2nd phase) shear
  5. Deformability

Files to be exported

EASY NPS® automatically generates a predesign report with the section evaluation. Among the data shown there is the equivalent elastic modulus. It is possible to export the following outputs:

  1. the NPS® beam in .dxf format
  2. the .ifc model to be displayed in BIM
  3. the report in .rtf format

Download instruction manual

It is at your disposal a document that guides you step by step from the installation of EASY NPS®
until the export of the output data.

Download the EASY NPS® user manual >>