Fast construction site and fast payback on investment

  • With NPS® you get a self-supporting floor, without having to wait 28 days for the concrete to cure.
  • This allows an overlapping of the construction phases: immediately after the NPS® beams have been laid on level 1, the installers can start working on the level below and so on up to the top floor.
  • Average time saved compared to traditional systems is 40%.
  • With NPS® weather conditions are not as crucial as with the traditional onsite construction system. That's why we can schedule our delivery precisely.
  • Certain costs, with correspondence between bid cost and actual cost due to the limited uncertain factors to manage.
  • Limited loss of building value (Building Loss) and low maintenance costs thanks to the high durability of NPS® structures.

Efficient and safe solution

  • Normally, three workers and a crane operator install an NPS® beam in 5 minutes. A multi-storey column in 8 minutes. In a single operation, pillars for two or more floors are installed.
  • An average of 80% less manpower is used on site compared to traditional systems. Strategic activities are carried out offsite and CE marked.
  • Increased safety due to the substantial reduction of manpower on site and the safety systems integrated in the NPS® elements.
  • There is no need for a storage area because the elements are designed to be assembled, lifted directly from the means of transport.
  • Provisional material is drastically reduced, with benefits in terms of sustainability. In addition, NPS® products arrive at the construction site without packaging, solving the management of this type of waste at source.

Seismic and native fire resistance

  • NPS® beams can be supplied with native fire resistance without the need for additional treatments on site; for even faster and more efficient construction.
  • The NPS® solution can be designed with a seismic-resistant frame without the need for bracing.
  • Tecnostrutture's experience in seismic engineering goes back more than a decade and counts academic partners of the highest level such as Eucentre and the University of Washington.
  • For these reasons, the NPS® solution has been chosen in numerous projects in highly seismic areas, both in Italy and abroad.

Low environmental impact solution

  • Level of sustainability certified by EPD - Enviromnental Product Declaration.
  • Contributes to LEED and DGNB credits.
  • Made with recycled steel for more than 80% of its own weight.
  • Lower use of raw materials compared to traditional systems, with the same performance.
  • 90% less temporary material on site, with positive effects on costs and waste.
  • Lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions than steel and reinforced concrete solutions.
  • Proven environmental impact per kg of product demonstrated through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and certified by EPD.

Space maximization

  • The standard NPS® frame includes beams with spans up to 15 metres. Longer spans are also possible, subject to further design analysis.
  • Large spans offer maximum freedom in the configuration of interior spaces, depending on the need or intended use. This allows easy conversion of the building in the future.
  • Slim-floors allow the maximum exploitation of the storey height.
  • Beams with a reduced height allow for multiple levels for a given overall building height. There is also the option to build a lower building, saving on heating and cooling costs.
  • NPS® beams combined with NPS® compact columns allow you to maximize interior space, thus providing a larger area to sell or rent. For example, for a garage, this translates into more parking spaces than a traditional solution.

Architectural freedom

  • NPS® beams are customizable, allowing for challenging architectural concepts: sloped, cantilevered or curved beams are just some of the possible NPS® versions.
  • NPS® beams can be used not only as a structural element, but also for their architectural and design contribution, exposed without the need for additional finishes.
  • Very popular when combined with hollow-core slabs, they offer an interior space that evokes industrial environments.
  • Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is the combination of steel and wood, i.e. NPS® BASIC beams and a visible wooden ceiling.