Fast construction site and quick payback on investment

  • Reduction of the building construction time of at least 40% compared to traditional systems, ideal for new buildings.
  • With NPS®, weather conditions are not as crucial as with conventional onsite construction. That's why we can plan delivery and assembly precisely.
  • Certain costs, with correspondence between bid cost and actual cost due to the limited uncertain factors to manage.

Efficient and safe solution

  • As a rule, three workers and a crane operator erect a multi-storey column in 8 minutes. In a single operation, pillars for two or more floors are installed.
  • An average of 80% less manpower is used on site compared to traditional systems. Strategic activities are carried out offsite and CE marked.
  • Increased safety due to the substantial reduction of manpower on site and the safety systems integrated in the NPS® elements.
  • There is no need for a storage area because the elements are designed to be assembled, taken directly from the means of transport.
  • Provisional material is drastically reduced, with benefits in terms of sustainability. In addition, NPS® products arrive at the construction site without packaging, solving this type of waste management at source.

Space maximization

  • NPS® pillars allow you to maximize interior space, thus providing a larger area to sell or rent. For example, for a garage, this translates into more parking spaces than a traditional solution.

Native fire resistance

  • PTC® pillars are natively fire resistant without the need for additional treatments on site, for even faster and more efficient construction.

Solution with reduced environmental impact

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), contribution for LEED and DGNB credits.
  • Limited use of raw materials compared to traditional systems, with the same performance.
  • 90% less temporary material on site, with positive effects on costs and waste.
  • Proven environmental impact per kg of product demonstrated through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)