NPS® columns are designed to be assembled directly from the transport vehicle. If storage is the option, they can be stacked horizontally up to 4 levels and 3 meters high, resting on wooden planks.

For long-term storage, steel structures must be covered.

Each NPS® column is marked with an identification tag that shows the code as shown in the drawing.

For technical storage requirements, please refer to Tecnostrutture’s product assembly and installation booklet.


The internal route through the site and the material storage area are agreed with the site manager.

NPS® columns can be lifted and handled with normal lifting equipment, such as cranes or crane trucks. The weight of each structural element is indicated in the manufacturing drawings.

For technical handling instructions, please refer to Tecnostrutture’s product assembly and installation booklet.


Normally, from lifting to fixing, a multi-storey NPS® column is installed in 8 minutes with a team of three operators and a crane operator.

Before installing the pillars, prepare the anchor bolts fixed to the support surface, laid using the templates supplied according to the axes and dimensions of the project.

Screw the lower nuts with the washers on them up to the required height.

Lift the column with the crane and position it by inserting it on the anchor bolts placed at the base of the project support surface.

With the lifting device in traction, tighten all nuts, preceded by their washers.

Once the fixing to the base is assured and the base verticality is guaranteed, loosen the device.

Pull the release lanyard until the pin is completely out of the hole or window in the column.

At this point the final plumbing is completed.

The pillar base is then fastened with anti-shrinkage pourable mortar. The thickness is given by the distance between the laying surface and the base plate of the pillar itself.

We then move on to the integrative casting of the column.

Installation Video