Speed with definitive structures right away

  • The beams rest on the diaphragms and act as both struts and support beams.
  • With NPS®, definitive structures can be used immediately, avoiding the use of temporary struts.
  • NPS® elements are natively fire resistant, without the need for additional treatments.
  • Ground level is available shortly after the start of construction, as this is the first level to be completed. Then proceed in depth. Ideal for passable squares.

Less impact on the neighbourhood

  • The impact of the works on the neighbouring context is reduced thanks to the maximum rationalisation of the construction site areas.
  • No storage areas are needed for NPS® products,
  • The construction site is limited to its own perimeter, with no easement required.
  • Avoid the skyscraper syndrome. With Top-down, excavation takes place indoors, underground and not in sight.