Ericsson headquarters, Genoa

An area of 20 thousand square metres hosts the electronics multinational's offices and laboratories. About one hundred companies and 12 thousand workers are expected within the Park in the next ten years. It will be the largest Italian Scientific and Technological Park, and amongst the most important in Europe.

The project parameters entailed varying load conditions, ranging from the normal residential type of slabs with 3.00 kN/m3 loads, alternating with ceilings for industrial use with capacity up to 10.00 kN/m3, as in the case of the anechoic chamber that will be installed in Ericsson’s laboratories. Considerable spans and constraints due to column placement in the underground floors of the car park were added to this structural complexity in order to increase space for drop-off, a covered vehicle access area for passengers to get on and off their vehicles conveniently.

3000 metres of REP® beams, and 2000 metres of PDTI® Columns were delivered in four months. Thanks to site logistical planning, deliveries and assembly took place regularly, notwithstanding unfavourable atmospheric conditions and a number of days that were quite windy.

Products used in the project

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