Y-40 diving pool, Montegrotto Terme

4 NPS® beams used as load-bearing structure for the roof of the deepest swimming pool in the world: Y-40 is a pool with thermal water, 40 metres deep - more than a 13-floor building. It is home to the only sunken, transparent suspended tunnel in the world, 13 metres long.

4 NPS® Basic beams were used, 29.83 m long, 1.15 m high with width section 70 cm, fitted with metal sides to contain casting, the indicative weight of each is 20t.

The single span beams have two cantilevers: one with variable height section and one with reduced height. Special steel and neoprene supports were also designed on the pillars on site, to allow for any deformation in the assembly and concrete casting stage. A specific bracing system was also designed on the beam surface to check instability of the beams in the assembly/casting stage.

Products used in the project

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