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Introduction to the fundamental concepts of the REP® building technology, the 4th revised and updated edition of the REP® HANDBOOK “Designing with the REP® System: REP® Beams, Columns and Piers” published by Maggioli, it provides practical indications for structural modelling in accordance with the correct regulatory requirements for the protection of structural safety.

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Intended for engineers, d ssite engineers and operators in the building industry, this book was written with the technical support of the REP® Scientific Committee comprised of Prof. Franco Braga – The Sapienza University, Prof. Gian Michele Calvi – University of Pavia and EUCENTRE, by Prof. Raffaele Landolfo – University of Naples Federico II, by Mr. Roberto Scotta, Engineer – University of Padua, and by Prof. Enzo Siviero – IUAV of Venice.
The 4th edition of the REP® HANDBOOK stems from the need to provide a calculation and design manual that is up-to-date with Italian legislation and the broader European context, well defined by Eurocode 4, following the publication of the 2008 NTCs (Technical Standards for Constructions).


Thanks to the REP® Handbook it will be possible to avoid errors caused by improper procedures at the base of the design that can jeopardise expectations, in terms of resistance and durability, as well as errors deriving from the inaccurate interpretation of the behaviour of mixed steel and concrete self-bearing structures.
The disseminating action of the 2011 edition of the REP® Handbook takes on particular importance when you consider the innovative direction of the specifications adopted by the most recent technical regulations that establish the objectives, i.e. the final requirements of the work, leaving more space and responsibility to the professionals involved in design and construction.
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