NPS® Benefits

Autoportanza     Fully self-supporting
NPS® beams do not require provisional shoring during the assembly phase: the structures can be loaded from the day after casting thus speeding up the pace of building thanks to the possibility of overlapping work phases in the work site. For example, while placing the second deck, it is already possible to install systems on the first floor cast a few days prior.
Velocità   Quick and easy placing.
5 minutes, 2 workers and 1 crane operator are all you need to place a NPS® beam. Watch the video.
8 minutes to place a column. Watch the video.
NPS® guarantees quick installation and assembly of the structures with a productivity of over 19,000 sqm/month versus a maximum of 13,000 sqm/month using the self-bearing formwork system.
Quick building times translates into a quick return on investment for the investor of the project.
Risparmio   Savings and fixed costs
The savings are quantifiable in every cost factor: -30% concrete, -90% labour, -90% timber and -97% small metal parts normally used to build platforms and formwork. A considerable economic advantage, which cannot be overlooked even from an environmental point of view.
NPS® guarantees fixed costs because they are set during the defining phase of the order based on an operative schedule which will be the reference for the entire job order. Furthermore, as it does not require any provisional works there are no unexpected additional rental costs.

Regulation and certified
The entire NPS® line is compliant with the requirements set forth in the 2018 NTCs (Technical Standards for Constructions) and Eurocode 4. All projects are signed and stamped by an authorised NPS® technician.
NPS® production control is EN 1090-1 certified, being the certification that allows the CE marking to be applied to the materials. To date, Tecnostrutture is the first and only Italian company to have obtained this certification.
The strict Tecnostrutture NPS® quality standards require the welding processes to be validated, pursuant to certification ISO 3834-2:2006 and traceability of the materials. The conformity checks are carried out under the responsibility of the Technical Director of the Processing Centre.



Sicurezza   Increased safety
NPS® steel structures are factory manufactured and arrive at the work site ready for placing, directly from the lorry. For assembly all you require are a crane operator and two workers to carry out installation. The savings in labour are quantifiable as approximately 80% compared to traditional building systems and a reduction in auxiliary materials of approximately 90%. Thanks to the reduction in work site activities, the workers can dedicate greater focus on the other work site activities. At the same time, the company benefits from the reduced training level required for their skilled labour.
Durabilità   Longer lasting buildings
The elevated durability of NPS® products contributes to guaranteeing the service life of the building - set at 10, 50 or 100 years - cutting back on the need for building maintenance and contributing to containing the relative costs.
NPS® is designed with an attention to building details and the correct placing of the structural elements, always avoiding direct contact between structural steel and more noble metals (such as copper, stainless steel, ...), to eliminate the underlying conditions for corrosion, either electrochemical or from contact (the so-called "battery effect"), and to guarantee fulfilment of the durability requirements as set forth by legislation in force.
Libertà architettonica   Narrow sections
The NPS® System guarantees greater indoor space thanks to the narrow dimensions of its structures. In the case of a garage this means more parking spaces, for a management building it means slimmer columns with less impact on the architectural layout.
The slim dimensions of the NPS® sections make the system suitable for tall buildings, reducing building's overall weight, with advantages in terms of foundations and earthquake resistance.



Seismic resistance
NPS® beams and columns guarantee both excellent static behaviour and the correct dissipative capacity required by the structure to ensure suitable behaviour in case of seismic events.
NPS® is capable of working as both a seismic-resistant system and as a pendulum system, in compliance with all of the structural factors contained in the applicable legislation, keeping the existing structure unaltered as envisioned by the main engineer of the building.

Fuoco   Fire resistance
NPS® products are fire resistant in accordance with Ministerial Decree  03.08.2015 without requiring any protective coating.
With NPS® the evaluation of fire resistance is not limited to the single structural elements, as is often the case in prefabrication, but takes into account the entire building system with particular attention to details and possible criticalities on site.
For example, a floor made with thin precast concrete slabs can be calculated to be fire resistant for 120 minutes. Nevertheless, if this floor is not designed with a suitable means of relieving any overpressure generated by the gases produced during the melting process of the polystyrene, the concrete covering is ejected leaving the reinforcements exposed, and with the subsequent risk of early collapsing.
Libertà architettonica   Architectural flexibility
Even in cases of unconventional architectural and structural solutions, the NPS® System has the product that will adapt to the design requirements.
Arched, knee beams or even other possible beam shapes. Extremely thin columns, however their performance is similar to that of vibrated reinforced cement, as with PTC® NPS® columns, for example, prepared with high performance spun concrete.
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