Fast return on investment

  • Reduction of the building construction time of at least 40% compared to traditional systems, ideal for new buildings or renovations.
  • Certain costs.
  • Irrelevance of weather conditions to the execution of the work.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Efficient and safe solution

  • Laying speed: 8 minutes for a multi-storey column, 5 for a beam.
  • Reduction of 80% of labour requirements on site.
  • Increased safety on site.
  • Almost total elimination of props on site.
  • Delivery of beams, columns and slabs at the time of installation, without the need for storage space.

Reduced environmental impact

  • Enviromnental Product Declaration (EPD), contribution to obtaining LEED and DGNB credits and compliance with CAM.
  • Up to 93% recycled steel content.
  • Lower use of raw materials compared to traditional systems, with the same performance.
  • 90% less temporary material on site, with positive effects on costs and waste.
  • Lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions than steel and reinforced concrete solutions.
  • Proven environmental impact per kg of product demonstrated through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Seismic and native fire resistance

  • Native fire resistance, without the need for treatments after installation. A saving in terms of costs and time.
  • Native seismic resistance, no need for bracing.
  • Consolidated experience of Tecnostrutture in the seismic field.
  • NPS® elements can also be used as visible architectural elements without the need for additional treatments.

High structural flexibility

  • Maximization of usable space in width and height thanks to beams with large spans and thin pillars and floors.
  • Customization of NPS® beams.
  • Flexibility in the distribution of interior spaces, with ease of layout change over time.
  • Standard spans up to 15 meters. Longer lengths are also possible, following due analysis.
  • Maximum storey height thanks to slim-floor solutions.