NPS® Top Down

NPS® Top Down system allows basement and rooftop spaces to be realised quickly without invading external areas, or requiring constraints at the site. It joins self-supporting characteristics and speed of NPS® execution with the need to realise basement and rooftop structures capable of absorbing horizontal stress, eliminating the need for structural accessory members that anchor walls, or supporting walls (tie-rods and struts).

The beam absolves strut function and the ceiling bearing member at the same time. NPS® Top Down allows the digging phase to happen at the same time as ceiling positioning operations.

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Favarato Ing. Alessandra Favarato,
Progettista NPS®


NPS® Top Down is recommended when worksite impact must be limited, or in urban contexts with substantial infrastructure and historic areas. Thanks to considerable axial rigidness provided by decks, it prevents detensioning of surrounding earth, sinking, and the risk of nearby buildings slipping. It is also suitably applied in cases of decks with great span, to counteract earth and water pressure, and to limit the criticality in verifying buoyancy. Care should be taken in placing the slots that must be left in the roofing to move materials and for the cast.

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