History of the System

1967: REP® Beam was invented
In 1967, engineer Salvatore Leone considered extending the steel-concrete mixed system to civil construction, already used for bridge structures, and created a "METAL BEARING BEAM FOR CEILINGS AND FOR ROOFING VAULTS, DESTINED TO ACT AS A SUPPORT ELEMENT, AND TO BE INCORPORATED IN THE CAST CONCRETE" (Definition from the patent filed on 28/07/67) predecessor of what would later be defined REP® Beam (1970).

1968: The 1st REP® Beam calculation procedure
In 1968, understanding the potential of computer sciences, the first REP® Beam calculation procedure was developed, which would be perfected in the coming years and published in 1972.

1969: The 1st positive report of C.S.LL.PP.
On 24.3.1969, C.S.LL.PP. gave the first positive report on the use of REP® technology. This would also occur in successive years: 1986, 1997, 1998 and 2000.

Since 1972: several REP® patents
Since 1972, in addition to the original beam, built using only one web, other patents were to be filed that would expand the REP® gamma.

2000-2012: Tecnostrutture and REP®
In 2000, Tecnostrutture s.r.l. began to collaborate to produce and distribute the REP® System.
Since 2001, in Italy and abroad, Tecnostrutture has initiated intense research activity on beams and columns with load, flexibility and cut tests, on REP® node seismic-resistance (2011), and on structure rigidity (2011).

Evolved self-supporting structures made of steel and concrete, NPS® is a high performance new generation construction technology which also has high seismic resistance. Created by Tecnostrutture.
A complete prefabricated construction technology that combines all the structural elements of a construction in a single solution: beam, column and floor. A complete, innovative, safe, high-performing, eco-friendly and CE and EN 1090 certified response, as required by the most recent EU regulation on the performance characteristics of the structural steel components. Hence, Tecnostrutture was the first to certify its production in February 2012.


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