• Residence Walheimat in Graz, Austria
    31 apartments with underground parking area
  • Parking House, Verdi Square, Rome
    Top Down Zenith of 4 levels
  • 4WD Cell Ferrari
  • Falkensteiner, Jesolo Venezia
  • Green transportation
    NPS® arrives everywhere thanks to green fuel
  • i.lab Italcementi
    First Italian Building with LEED PLATINUM
  • Tecnostrutture Academy
    Training and Update
  • Sustainability in Tecnostrutture
  • Brescia Underground
    NPS® beams in plain view
  • Expo 2015
    Oman and Qatar Pavilions
  • Hospital in Bergamo


New Performance System is a complete and flexible modular system developed by Tecnostrutture. It consists of horizontal and vertical structures with mixed steel-concrete structure. The completely self-supported elements, produced at the factory, are mounted at the site, eliminating the need for formwork and temporary shoring and speeding up construction.

After the completing cast, NPS® results in a composite structure with features complying with the performance levels required by the Eurocodes


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NPS® Solutions

There is a NPS® solution specifically developed for each application sector.
Find out which one is best suited for your project.


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Tecnostrutture S.r.l. has been a leader in the light and heavy concrete prefab construction sector for over 30 years. The company puts a varied range of steel and concrete prefabs at your disposal that are widely used in civil and industrial engineering projects. It designs, produces and distributes elements of the NPS® System, and also provides consultancy services thanks to the highly qualified engineering staff.