Who we are

Tecnostrutture s.r.l. was founded in 1983 as a business operating in the public and private construction industry. Specialised in the reinforced concrete prefab industry, the company began to produce metal trusses in 1984, developing its own technologies, calculation processes and production. Since 2000 the company has taken on the challenge of consolidating and reinforcing the positioning of the REP® System products.

Producing and supplying NPS® precast components, Tecnostrutture s.r.l. now also offers the technical support of its engineering staff.

Tecnostrutture strives to simplify and organise work in the work site by developing a true industrialisation of construction that guarantees the customer fixed times and costs, greater safety and cutting-edge technology. These are the factors that have allowed Tecnostrutture to take part in and often be the protagonist of building large infrastructures, tertiary and residential projects.





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