R&D Activities

For a designer as for a customer, the recognition of company reliability increasingly always passes through its research and development activity. At Tecnostrutture, we are convinced of the importance of refining procedure and systems responding to engineer, architect and investor needs. For this reason, we have worked for years studying advanced technologies and the careful control of production processes. We accept no compromises for quality and innovation. Our aim is the research of excellence.

Since 2000, we have set up an intense research activity with load, bending and cut tests on the entire NPS® gamma. Among the most recent projects, we cite the seismic-resistance analysis of NPS® nodes entrusted to the University of Padua; the tests on PTC® NPS® Columns carried out and Tongji University at Shanghai; and the FEM input test on structure rigidity conducted by the Eucentre at Pavia.Currently, Tecnostrutture's R&D department is finalising a research assignment and doctoral scholarship.

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