NPS® and Green Building

For several years now, it has been Tecnostrutture’s priority to give attention to the healthiness of living spaces, launching already in 2004 NPS® ECOTRAVE®, the only beam on the market with a base made of pure brick.

The efforts of the R&S department are precisely to place products on the market with sections that are more and more slender and resistant, with high durability, and which favor a better thermal and acoustic insulation.
Tecnostrutture is an ordinary member of the Green Building Council Italy, an association that pursues the diffusion of the Green Building through the LEED system, a protocol developed during over more than ten years of experience by USGBC in the United States.

All of the Tecnostrutture products can contribute to acquire credits for LEED certification.

Prevention of pollution from construction site activities.
LEED 2009 Category: Site Sustainability (SS) Pre-requisite SS 1.
Tecnostrutture is committed to comply with the regulations imposed for the control of the production of dusts.
Credit aim: to reduce the pollution generated by construction activities.

Recycled material content.
LEED 2009 Category: Materials and Resources (MR) Credit MR 4.
The content of recycled material of Tecnostrutture products markedly exceeds the 10% value imposed by the LEED system (percentage obtained from the sum of the post-consumption content and half of the pre-consumption content).
Credit aim: to increase the demand for construction products that contain materials with recycled content.

Materials extracted, processed, and produced within a limited distance (regional materials).
LEED 2009 Category: Materials and Resources (MR). Credit MR 5.
The procurement of raw materials from accurately selected suppliers takes place on short routes: 80% of the raw materials comes from Italy, and the majority even from neighboring areas within the region. Over 20% of the materials and products are extracted and processed within a radius of 350 km from the construction site and, in view of a LEED prescription, equal to at least 10% of the total materials of the building.
Credit aim: to sustain the use of local resources, reducing the impacts on the environment that derive from transportation.

Engineering Innovation.
LEED 2009 Category: Engineering Innovation (EI).Credit EI 1.
The NPS® products ensure a significant containment of the sections, with a consequential reduction of the use of raw materials, and a greater thermal insulation of the intrados of the deck. The optimization of the mechanical performances of the steel and concrete translate into a longer durability of the structures, ensuring a reduction of the maintenance works through the years.
Lower exploitation of raw materials, significant use of recycled materials, complete recyclability of the products, prevention of thermal bridges, and greater durability, determine superior performance of the building in terms of environmental sustainability.
Credit aim: to deliver outstanding performance with respect to the requisites established by the LEED system, or innovative performances in the realm of sustainability.

Reduction of construction site scraps.
Tecnostrutture products do not generate scraps in the construction site, because built to custom-size in the plant, thus optimizing the raw materials. The beams and columns arrive in the construction site without packaging, eliminating the problem of package management at the source.

Certified safety.
The products of the NPS® system are void of synthetic materials, solvents, and noxious substances. They do not release substances that are harmful to one’s health. This is confirmed by the certificates of renown testing and research institutes, which attest the observance of the norms concerning ionizing radiations (provision of article 157 of Law Decree no. 230 dated March 17, 1995, with regards to the implementation of Directives 89/618/Euratom, 90/641/Euratom, 92/3/Euratom, and 96/29/Euratom).


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