The NPS® ZENITH device is a column centring system normally employed with the NPS® Top Down method of constructing from top to bottom.
NPS® ZENITH is designed to adjust plano-alimetric column placing with millimetric precision, keeping them in position, through a tightening system, while the continuity cast cures. In this way, the NPS® System columns can be previously dug into the ground during the earth moving phase. Therefore, it must be realised before the deck, contrary to all other lateral baffle creation systems, and then proceed with the dig.

NPS® ZENITH , designed and covered by Tecnostrutture s.r.l. industrial property, it is composed of a rectangular shaped positioning footing, a hexagonal shaped member, a regulator, a Cardan joint, and a target antenna; it conforms to NTC 2008 in force.

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Fasi Top Down Zenith

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Petri Eng. Fulvia Petri,
NPS® Designer


NPS® ZENITH is mounted on a rigid footing - as a function of column weight - at ground level. Since the alimetric height of the structure stabilises at this moment, it is essential that any earth sinking where the NPS® ZENITH device is placed is kept under control. To simplify correct column installation, it is a good idea to foresee their positions ahead of time and with precision, keeping in mind that hoisting a large column could prove not to be very easy.

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