The NPS® ZENITH device is a column centring system normally employed with the NPS® Top Down method of constructing from top to bottom.
NPS® ZENITH is designed to adjust plano-alimetric column placing with millimetric precision, keeping them in position, through a tightening system, while the continuity cast cures. In this way, the NPS® System columns can be previously dug into the ground during the earth moving phase. Therefore, it must be realised before the deck, contrary to all other lateral baffle creation systems, and then proceed with the dig.

NPS® ZENITH , designed and covered by Tecnostrutture s.r.l. industrial property, it is composed of a rectangular shaped positioning footing, a hexagonal shaped member, a regulator, a Cardan joint, and a target antenna; it conforms to NTC 2008 in force.


  • Fast construction of underground works
  • Without encroaching on areas outside the construction site
  • Eliminates the need for temporary ties and struts
  • Natively fire-resistant beams
  • Precise planimetric positioning of the pillars

Areas of use

  • Multi-span underground structures
  • Underground works in confined spaces and with existing perimeter buildings
  • Underground car parks with passable squares

Application-Technique Recommendations

NPS® ZENITH must be installed at ground level. Since the height of the structure is established at this time, it is essential to keep under control any possible subsidence of the ground where the device will be placed. 

Ing. Fulvia Petri, NPS® designer

Exact positioning without vibration

  • Positioning of columns by means of the Zenith device ensures
  • an exact plano-altimetrical placement.
  • The pillar is not driven in, but lowered, using the precision of gravity.
  • This ensures not only exact millimetric positioning but also a drastic reduction in the vibrations normally caused by drilling activities, which are completely avoided with Zenith.

Speed with definitive structures right away

  • The beams rest on the diaphragms and act as both struts and support beams.
  • With NPS®, definitive structures can be used immediately, avoiding the use of temporary struts.
  • Excavation and slab installation take place simultaneously. First the pillars are lowered and then the beams and slab are laid.
  • NPS® elements are natively fire resistant, without the need for additional treatments.
  • Ground level is available shortly after the start of construction, as this is the first level to be completed. Then proceed in depth. Ideal for transitable squares.

Less impact on the neighbourhood

  • The impact of the works on the neighbouring context is reduced thanks to the maximum rationalisation of the construction site areas.
  • No storage areas are needed for NPS® products,
  • The construction site is limited to its own perimeter, with no easement required.
  • Avoid the skyscraper syndrome. With Top-down, excavation takes place indoors, underground and not in sight.

Phase 0

Starting situation

Phase 1

Preparation of the diaphragm and column excavation

Phase 2

Casting the pillars with Zenith and pouring of foundations

Phase 3

Operation of the NPS® Zenith

Phase 4

Position the device, connect the sighting antenna and Zenith fitting to the top of the pillar

Phase 5

Lower the column into the well until the Zenith fitting is positioned over the rectangle

Phase 6

Beam laying level 0

Phase 7

Excavation and beam laying level -1 and level -2

Phase 8

Trenching and pouring of foundations

Phase 9

Ascending with completion of slab level -2

Phase 10

Ascending with completion of slab level -1

Phase 11

Rise with completion of slab level 0

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