NPS® Smart PTC® Column

Tecnostrutture has cooperated with the creative team RNDR Studio & OAF Design in order to improve the PTC® column: we have applied smart devices to the PTC® column to fulfil the need for a more comfortable, safer, easier and sustainable living. The result is Smart PTC®, a column that becomes a real hub for the building automation.

With UNI EN 13225 CE marking, Smart PTC® is a hybrid element: designed as innovative structural and architectural element due to its extremely performant slim sections and to the wide range of finishing, it becomes now the centre of an automation system that includes lighting and interaction with the people who live into the building.

It is the first element of a home automation system designed to bear the load of a building while fulfilling the need of the people who live inside. 

Product Details

Technical data

Metal structure Internal reinforcement in B450C
Casting framework C25/30 casting formwork concrete, when not otherwise noted by the designer
Self-supporting Yes
Welding Using metal active gas welding (Process UNI EN ISO 4063-135)
Mechanical resistance to fire ( R ) Standard version up to 120 minutes. In some cases up to 180 minutes
Standards referenced For design and dimensions Eurocode 4 For structural nodes UNI EN 10219-1 For anti-seismic Eurocode 8 For fire-resistance EC4
Design Elaborated with the NPS® SYSTEM calculation procedure conforming to the Standard in force, and signed by a qualified technician

Column sections

PTC® with circular section PTC® with circular section
PTC® with square section PTC® with square section
PTC® with oval section PTC® with oval section
PTC® with rectangular section PTC® with rectangular section


Pigmentation Pigmentation
Washing Washing
Chrome plating Chrome plating

NPS® PTC® assembly phases

Phase 1 Phase 1
Phase 2 Phase 2
Phase 3 Phase 3
Phase 4 Phase 4
Phase 5 Phase 5



Argentoni_A Eng. Alessio Argentoni,


NPS® Smart PTC® column is the first element of a smart system that fits to the need of every area of application: car parks, shopping centres, libraries as well as offices or private houses.


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