40th Anniversary

2023 will mark the 40th year of activity of Tecnostrutture, our company specialised in the field of off-site mixed steel-concrete construction solutions.

It has been 40 years of achievements and goals, 40 years of constant commitment to the construction industry, demonstrating the ability to adapt and evolve, meeting the needs of the market.

"The company is not only made up of products and structures, but mainly of people, their experience and initiative, their know-how and ideas. Thanks to continuous interaction, we were able to find the right way, both by supporting the development of new ideas and through constructive criticism, when alternative solutions could lead us astray," said Founder and Chairman Franco Daniele. He continues: "Our goal is to construct a building with the same satisfaction with which a child makes a Lego construction; with the same safety, speed and simplicity, while respecting the architectural idea. Sustainability is a key element: using the minimum possible material, this is the core of Tecnostrutture's approach to a sustainable way of building that respects circular economy."


We decided to inaugurate our 40 years of evolution in construction with a Magazine that tells about us, our values, our people and our projects.

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