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Excellent collaboration

Eng. Gimmi Gottage

Project Manager at Cogeis S.p.a.

We had a positive experience starting from the initial design to the final assembly of the structures. All our needs on site - both from a technical point of view and in terms of logistics and assembly of the structures - were met with a satisfactory response from Tecnostrutture, which demonstrated excellent collaboration. The quality of the materials being installed was good and was appreciated by the client and the project management.

On the Ville d'Aoste multi-storey car park, Aosta, Italy



Functional and practical Airfloor

Geom. Alex Poloni 

Owner of Edil PF Costruzioni

I tried the Airfloor slab, and I would define it as very functional and practical, very fast to install and handle on site, overall excellent.

On the residential building in via San Gregorio 46, Milan, Italy



Techincal staff always available

Eng. Guido Gramaglia

Site manager appointed by Coop. Viridia

As the second building had a modular design, NPS® allowed us to move forward quickly, installing a floor in 5 days. The importance of having Tecnostrutture's technical staff always available and ready to reply should also be underlined, since there were numerous variants during construction, all of small entity, but as often happens, very urgent. The direct line between the NPS® designer, technical director at site and our engineers allowed the work to be smooth and linear, without interrupting production or installation.

On the new veterinary faculty in Lodi, Italy



A peaceful site

Federico Fernicola

Production manager appointed by Salc

On a construction site, we need peace of mind, and with this team, we achieved that. The NPS® installation manager was always present, and I knew that he was in control of the installation of beams and columns. One less thing for me to deal with.

On the new veterinary faculty in Lodi, Italy



Fast and fire resistant

Stefano Cusini

General Manager at Carosello 3000

NPS® beams were an excellent solution given the extremely limited time available – it snowed even in August. The installation of the beams was extremely quick and practical as there was no need for benches or props. Then, unlike a metal solution, once assembled, the floor was finished and fire resistant, requiring no further work.

On the intermediate station of the new Carosello 3000 cableway in Livigno, Italy



Versatile and precise

Eng. Antonio Scherini

Designer and Project Manager

Tecnostrutture’s structures demonstrated uncommon versatility: these are evolved prefabricated products that allow complete customisation with respect to the various requirements.
Tecnostrutture’s engineering staff offered a decisive contribution with efficiency, precision and adaptability not only in this case, but during the entire duration of the works to solve various technical problems, from the foundations to the predisposition of the forometries, from the choice of construction solutions to structural verifications.

On the underground car park Medaglie D’Oro, Milan, Italy



28 more parking spaces

Ivo Brighenti, G.B.B.


Compared to the distribution hypotheses made with normal prefabricated systems, thanks to Tecnostrutture we were able to increase the number of parking spaces provided: 28 more on a total of about 400. These advantages are also proving to be of considerable importance during construction, as the greater space available simplifies work and reduces risks on site. The site technicians have repeatedly pointed out to me the high level of the visible finish of Tecnostrutture’s products, a characteristic that benefits the real estate activity collateral to the construction, whose good results achieved so far are a source of satisfaction for us investors.

On the Monte Oro car park in Riva del Garda, Italy



Strict compliance with contract terms

Geom. Gianmarco Peschiera

Project Manager

"My role in the realisation of the building began in the design phase as project manager in order to combine the needs of the designer and the possible structural solutions currently on the market". 

The choice of Tecnostrutture as a partner in the project was motivated by two needs: the architectural need to have extreme versatility, limiting structural constraints such as pillars or walls both on the façade and inside the building, and to respond to the structural needs in obtaining a building that perfectly complies with current regulations.

From our point of view as General Contractor, we obtained great satisfaction in the use of Tecnostrutture's solutions both in terms of budget and construction times, fully respecting the contractual terms".

On building Lettera42 in Piacenza, Italy



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