Our Values

In that boat, at sea, people aren’t alone with themselves. They share a common goal.

They don’t wait on the shore, they set sail and take part in the regatta. They don’t give in to habits, they are brave enough to take an alternative route and come up with new ways of doing things.

In their field, being a great sailor is no longer enough if you don’t have a fast boat. Technology helps them take a step forward and every new challenge gives them a chance to push beyond their limits, to go a little further.

They are respectful of the sea and the world they live in, making good use of natural resources and avoiding waste.

They embrace the unexpected, making sure all crew members are safely on board before leaving the harbour. Drawing on their years of experience, they know when to dare and when to take a more cautious approach. 

They are passionate and brave people driven by a future-oriented mindset.

This is Tecnostrutture’s crew. And this is how our partners are.


Franco Daniele
Founder and Managing Director of Tecnostrutture




Knowledge, Robustness, Timing and Essentiality

are the values that guide us every day in contributing

to the evolution of the construction sector

and the improvement of people's quality of life.




Curiosity, courage and ambition make us active players in our sector, in spreading a new culture of building.

Research and development, carried out together with reference technical-scientific partners, allow us to go beyond the limit of current knowledge, breaking traditional patterns.




Experience, resilience and vision are the solid pillars on which our work is based.

Always being at the forefront in creating durable solutions that challenge time and space: this is the approach with which we guarantee safety and reliability to our customers.




We have adopted an active attitude towards time, giving it the right value. We work fast to achieve the defined objectives, and with precision to attain optimal results.

Our operational approach integrates transversal skills, which translates into simple, fast and efficient project execution.




The essential and minimalist style in building, working and living to which we aspire, is contained in our guiding principle “less is more”.

In a sustainable way, through a conscious and optimal use of resources, we reduce instead of adding, generating simplicity where there is complexity, valuing only what is necessary and essential, thus achieving our ultimate goal of improving people's quality of life.


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