Our Values


In that boat, at sea, people aren’t alone with themselves. They share a common goal.

They don’t wait on the shore, they set sail and take part in the regatta. They don’t give in to habits, they are brave enough to take an alternative route and come up with new ways of doing things.

In their field, being a great sailor is no longer enough if you don’t have a fast boat. Technology helps them take a step forward and every new challenge gives them a chance to push beyond their limits, to go a little further.

They are respectful of the sea and the world they live in, making good use of natural resources and avoiding waste.

They embrace the unexpected, making sure all crew members are safely on board before leaving the harbour. Drawing on their years of experience, they know when to dare and when to take a more cautious approach. 

They are passionate and brave people driven by a future-oriented mindset.

This is Tecnostrutture’s crew. And this is how our partners are.


Franco Daniele
Founder and Managing Director of Tecnostrutture


Valori Tecnostrutture 2


Tecnostrutture's high-performance, customer-oriented culture
We place a strong emphasis on our own individual and team development, and as a consequence, in delivering the best customized solution for each specific project. The following are the main underlying principles that constantly drive our activity.


Technological Innovation
We believe in technological innovation as a continuous process, at the heart of the procedures and systems that respond to the needs of professionals and companies working in the field of structural and civil engineering, as well as architecture. In our pursuit for excellence, our work in this field involves our R&D team, and since 2000 it also includes collaborations with international academic and research institutions, groups and associations, that share the same vision and make investments to achieve technological progress. Further information is available here.


Every day, we strive to minimise the environmental footprint at every stage of our products life cycle.
Tecnostrutture shares and is fully committed to LEED®️ Certification goals, for the creation of healthier, more productive places for us to live, learn, work and play, as well as less stress on the environment, by encouraging energy- and resource-efficient buildings. Since 2018, Tecnostrutture attained the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on NPS®️ products, which contribute to the achievement of LEED®️ credits. Further information is available here.
Another example of Tecnostrutture’s continuous effort toward lower CO2 emissions is our decision to adopt natural gas powered vehicles for road transportation of our building solutions, the most environmentally friendly fuel for internal combustion engines.
Thanks to this choice, NPS® System arrives everywhere, and can be delivered even in historic city centres, reducing environmental and noise impact of road traffic.


Tecnostrutture’s activities are carried out in a context of safety and attention to the working conditions of our workers and those of our clients.
Our high safety standards are present in our production facilities, where the NPS® System structures are completely manufactured. Since our structures arrive to the construction site ready for assembly, there is a reduction in work site activities, meaning that workers have to deal with less demanding on site activities, and can dedicate their focus to different tasks. Further information is available here.


Team work
Our activities are based on strong cooperation, within our team and with our clients, whom we offer full commitment from both technical and operational standpoints.Tecnostrutture’s multiple years’ experience and know-how, together with the responsibility and integrity of our team, have built our strong reputation and reliability. We aim at performance excellence and this enables us to do our best work and reach our full potential.

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