28 January 2021

French ATEx for NPS® Off-Site Construction System

Tecnostrutture achieves an important European milestone: the CSTB, through the ATEx certification, gives a favorable judment on the use of NPS® Green Building System in France, even in seismic areas.

The NPS® off-site construction system has officially obtained the ATEx (Appréciation Technique d'Expérimentation) from CSTB, the prestigious French Scientific and Technical Center for Buildings.
This favourable judgment is thus an open gateway for NPS® off-site construction system to the French construction market, even in high-risk seismic zones. Specifically, Tecnostrutture has received two different ATEx, for both NPS® - seismic moment resistant frame and NPS® - gravity system. This is an additional confirmation about the efficient versatility of NPS®, which provides optimized and performant solutions for both high-risk and low-risk seismic zones.

ATEx is the technical assessment procedure that allow an innovative product, system, or equipment to be used in France. It consists of detailed documentation about the whole life process, including design, production, assembly, and maintenance. The ATEx certification offers designers, investors and building companies the information they need to use NPS® composite columns and beams, speeding up the project process.

“I am pleased to announce this crucial achievement. The ATEx approval facilitates the spread of NPS® off-site construction system in France. This is the confirmation that NPS® composite frame offers a performant and high reliable structural solution, even in high-risk seismic areas. Mostly I am proud of our people: they have worked hard to achieve this key goal, applying their technical and team skills. Finally, the result came: the ATEx approval from the prestigious CSTB”, says Franco Daniele, founder and CEO of Tecnostrutture.

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