20 January 2020

Tecnostrutture Academy now available in English language

 An online platform dedicated to technical and scientific culture regarding steel-concrete composite structures

Exactly 1 year after the launch of the first version of Tecnostrutture Academy in Italian language, which went live in January 2019, we are proud to announce the launch of the International version of this platform, in English language.

Tecnostrutture Academy is the only digital platform exclusively dedicated to steel-concrete composite structures, where those who work in the world of civil engineering, structural design and construction, can update and share their knowledge in this specific flied.

One year after the launch of the Italian version of this platform, it is now the time to launch the international version in English language.
Whether you are an expert or a student approaching new construction technologies, Tecnostrutture Academy offers different tools and training moments, knowledge and ideas with which to enrich your personal and professional background, such as articles, videos, events, and IT tools to be used both offline and online.

The theme of composite structures is intertwined with other strategic contents such as seismic safety, building on existing buildings, or the need to design in BIM. This is why Tecnostrutture Academy offers both the basic seminar to learn about the design of composite structures, and the event to explore the aspects of sustainability, and much more.


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