04 December 2023

Tecnostrutture presents Airfloor® Fire: the first slab natively resistant to fire

Tecnostrutture is pleased to present Airfloor® Fire, the first polystyrene mixed concrete floor with precast channels, safely walkable with fire resistance characteristics up to R120.


Solaio Airfloor<sup>®</sup> Fire

This upgraded version retains the same winning features of the original product, but can now be installed in locations where REI characteristics are required, without the need for single or double ceilings in the case of interposed systems.

Airfloor® Fire extends the range of Tecnostrutture's floor solutions, offering native fire resistance for up to 120 minutes. The product is composed of a layer of polystyrene (Airpop) that acts as a formwork for the casting in a precast structural concrete channel that provides the concrete cover that makes it REI and allows it to be safe in the event of a fire as it does not explode and does not generate leachate.

"The Airfloor® Fire floor has already been chosen for important jobs," reports Alessandro Baldo, site assembly manager, "the installation times continue to be extremely fast, as with the traditional version of the Airfloor floor. In fact, this type of floor limits pre-laying work to a minimum."

Advantages of Airfloor® Fire

- Fire resistant for up to 120 minutes
- Higher self-supporting capacity than comparable floor types
- Partial reduction of loads on building foundations
- Adaptable to floor plan geometries
- Quick and easy to install
- Complies with acoustic and thermal standards
- Allows LEED credits to be obtained

Areas of application

- Residential
- Commercial
- Multi-storey buildings
- Renovations and elevations

For further information, please contact:
Luca Mietto
Airfloor Expert
+39 0421 570970
+39 3274959897

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