Normally, a team of 3 workers and a crane operator will lay an NPS® beam in 5 minutes.

It is possible to mount the safety guardrails in the appropriate provisions of the NPS® beam already on the ground.

The building site crane used must have a suitable capacity in relation to the loads being lifted. It is necessary to check that the load is well balanced by pulling the ropes or chains and lifting the material by a few centimetres before moving the structure. Before handling the structure, the dimensions and positioning of the end supports of the beams must be checked.

The beam is then lifted with the crane. Once the beam has been brought close to the assembly point, the operators will accompany the product until it is completely supported on the brackets.

The beams are laid in simple support, except in specific cases indicated by Tecnostrutture in the laying drawing. If shoring of the lateral beams is foreseen for overturning, the NPS® Beam must be blocked only at the ends, never in the span and/or in the middle. For further details, refer to Tecnostrutture’s product assembly booklet or to the prescriptions contained in the elaborate.

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