2022: NPS FLEX® Product Development

The main points addressed during the new product development are:

1. Full reusability of the single elements at the end of the life of the building
2. Structural efficiency and durability of the structure and optimization of the steel/concrete ratio
3. Conversion of the building for different purposes and flexibility of use
4. Full hybrid structure, for total integration with new organic materials such as CLT or timber-framed facade panels.
5. On-Site efficiency

The solution is NPS FLEX®. A complete industrialized construction system designed for disassembly and reuse of all the structural elements at the end of the building’s life.

Here the key features:

1. Reusable components like columns and beams
2. Even lower LCA impact in D-stage
3. Cradle-to-cradle native solution
4. Maintaining building value

These new benefits come in addition to standard NPS® features like less raw materials as traditional solutions, high percentage of recycle material, long spans, slim-floor solution, integrated fire resistance.

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