2023: NPS® is tested and patented

NPS FLEX® is a complete and industrialized construction system designed for the disassembly and reuse of all the structural elements at the end of the building’s life.

The system is composed of NPS FLEX® beams and NPS® PDTI composite steel-concrete columns with the possibility of having integrated fire resistance of up to 120 minutes.

A beam-column connection system can be easily disassembled as needed by simply acting on some bolts prepared during the construction phase. The bolted system allows for the stabilization of the structures both during assembly and throughout the useful life of the structure.

A connection system between the beams and the slabs (for example CLT or hollow-core) is foreseen by inserting shaped ribbed reinforcements.

The transmission of vertical forces is completely absorbed by the beam-column bolted system. Instead, the horizontal actions (e.g. wind) are delegated to bracing structures that can be made on site such as shear walls or by a system of metal bracing typical of ordinary steel structures.

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