Enegan Light and Gas Headquarters

This futuristic building was constructed in one year and was designed by architect Maria Angela Teresini and FGS Project. It also features two above-ground floors and a basement, which functions as a garage and warehouse, covering a total area of over 5000 square metres. To realise this work, Tecnostrutture's NPS® steel-concrete mixed beam, column and floor structural solution was used.

The technical requirements of the work in Grosseto required speed of construction, lightness and excellent performance, which are reasons that led the client Enegan to use the NPS® column-beam-slab system for all three decks, also commissioning Tecnostruttre to build the stylised tree in steelwork. This is a representative element of Enegan with both structural and symbolic value, whose sinuous lines contrast the linearity of the building's facade and open up to the city.

As project architect Maria Angela Teresini states, "Tecnostrutture was crucial for the speed of realisation and the technical design support. The executive project was elaborated by their technical office and integrated with glazed curtain walls".

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