Monte Oro Car Park, Riva del Garda

7 level car park built against a mountain, with an elongated shape, and only 17 metres wide. Thanks to the use of PTC® Pillars, 28 additional car spaces were obtained, out of a total 400.

The site, located between a street and a mountain side featured the lack of operating space. The customer's intention was to maximise available space in compliance with the anti-seismic requirements and the need to limit construction time to only 18 months.

The use of 40 PTC® Columns with oval section, consisting of only two trunks to be overlaid on site, for a total of 750 m linear length allowed sections to maintain resistant sections constant (75 x 33 cm). On all 7 car park levels, the width of stalls is always identical, and the rounded shape of the columns facilitates vehicle manoeuvres.

Products used in the project

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