Eraldo Fashion Store, Ceggia Venice

A prestigious high fashion boutique in the Veneto town of Ceggia, developed on three levels above ground and one underground level, it occupies a volume of 5,044 m3, with a surface of 1,505 m2.

In the showroom, the refined elegance of the black Indian granite floor is offset by the unfinished concrete walls and the beam bearing structure left in full view.

Architects Parisotto and Formetton together with the customer expressly asked to leave structural bearing elements in full view in order to fully highlight the building’s neat lines.

The challenge was in identifying an original structural solution in full view, that is also fire-resistant, assuring the required static resistance and easy site arrangements.

To ease dismantling and to be certain about obtaining a perfectly smooth surface void of imperfections, beyond the choice of a suitable concrete mixture, a slight inclination of the sides and rounded edges was agreed upon; unimaginable solutions to realise at the time of installation.

Products used in the project

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