Hotel Pineta, Sottomarina, Venezia

The Pineta Hotel in Sottomarina is the result of the work of Impresa Costruzioni B6 and of Studio Associato Geometri Baldassin & Furlan with the supply of Tecnostrutture. This is a 400 m2 building, characterised by a two-storey superelevation above the existing five, built in the 1980s.
The problem that appeared right from the start of the work at this hotel was that of the dimensions to be verified, since the existing structures were not well defined.

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The intervention of Tecnostrutture saw the supply of approximately 400 m2 of Airfloor™ lightened floor slab and 150 m of NPS® Basic rafters.
The Airfloor™ floor is self-supporting and the lightest available on the market, with a dry weight of less than 45 kg/m2, an indispensable characteristic for this type of elevation.
The self-supporting nature is also found in the NPS® Basic rafters that are with a mixed steel-concrete structure , chosen for this multi-storey hotel. These require neither props nor formwork: as soon as they are installed, the installers can start work on the floor below, thus speeding up the realisation of the entire project.
For the Pineta hotel, the NPS® products were subsequently covered by false ceilings, which was necessary to achieve the required R60 fire resistance.

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