Astra theater, San Dona' di Piave

7 NPS® beams as load bearing structure for the roofing of the new theatre of San Donà di Piave by architect Gonçalo Byrne.

The beams have a 25.31 m clearance, 1.20 m high metal boards and 40 cm width.

“We have opted for NPS® beams firstly because they are lighter than the beams in conventional prefabricated - said Mr. S. Secchi, engineer of the firm RS Ingegneria, structural designer of the project in the executive and construction stage. This allowed the installation costs to be significantly reduced.”

The work site crane was in fact sufficient to lift the NPS® beam, weighing approximately 50 quintals. The prefabricated solution would on the other hand required using large crane trucks, resulting in the need to affect the town’s traffic for several days.

NPS® also resulted in significantly reducing the installation times of the beams: just 4 hours for lifting the 7 beams and for self-supporting placement up to 15 m height.
The beams underwent load tests in the factory to ascertain design moment and shear, to further validate the construction system used.

Products used in the project

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