Covered market, Novara

For renovating and securing the historical covered market of Novara, a seismic-resistant work with 110 arches in view, Tecnostrutture has provided innovative technical solutions and structures with a high aesthetic value.

The 2015 renovation lends a higher aesthetic value to the covered market thanks to long, thin and light white arches that blend in with the rest of the roofing.

For this project the technical and Research and Development staff of Tecnostrutture have designed the most efficient solution to solve all work site issues, from seismic resistance to the aesthetic quality of the structures.

The main feature of the work site is the shape of the archways that have a catenary shape. The arch is compressed in its entire length and does not have opening points: it is in maximum balance position. In view of the variable curvature it was difficult to apply this shape to prefabricated structures such as NPS®. Tecnostrutture has solved this critical issue, by dividing the arch into 5 sectors with different curvatures. The work was carried out with the utmost precision, considering maximum structure tolerance of just 5 mm.

For the same project, the Research and Development department has designed a new system for lifting the archways to speed up installation by concentrating the entire operation into a single movement, without needing to use existing structures as fulcra or fixing points of temporary hoists.

Products used in the project

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