Social Housing Via Antegnati, Milano

Five buildings constructed in the 1990s for production and service purposes. In 2011, the work started by the then owners came to a halt: the buildings were completely abandoned and disfigured, as well as illegally occupied, with consequent problems for public safety.

The project envisaged the re-functionalization of the buildings in order to create approximately 500 dwellings for subsidized housing, a consulting room, a polyclinic, urban residential services, and a medium-sized retail area. All existing non-structural elements were removed until the complex of five buildings was reduced to the state of structural skeletons. The residual volume available in the complex allows for the creation of new surfaces, bringing all five buildings to five floors above ground on Via Antegnati. The structural solution chosen to build on the existing structure includes slim-floor NPS® BASIC beams and an Airfloor™ slab.

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