Flyover on the train line, Novara-Milan

Tecnostrutture has implemented the structural solution to make the 1st category bridge.
One of the main works in the widening of the A4 motorway lot 1.4.2 Milano-Torino, flyover on the Novara-Malpensa railway line.
A complex work: an NPS® Light beam was first laid lengthwise along the motorway, 2.80 m high, with 31 m span and weighing 65 tonnes.

The NPS® Basic beams are then hung on it and on the existing flyover, by means of special hooks. The beams are 1 m high x 1.20 m wide, which after completing the casting, make up the deck of the bridge for 12 m width in total.
A special structural solution which entails, for making a single decking, several work site stages: laying the provisional beam at 45° on the railway line, anchoring the NPS® Basic beams at 90° on the railway as required by the regulations, then after hardening of the concrete casting, dismantling the Light beam and the pre-existing flyover, including roadway change to prevent closing the motorway section.

Products used in the project

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