Widening of the carriageway, Garniga Trento

widen S.P. 25 at Garniga Terme


To widen S.P. 25 at Garniga Terme, the works were awarded to the contractor Lago Rosso for 2.3 million and 520 work days. The non invasive NPS® technology was selected, for fully self-supported carriageway widening.

The widening project consists of thirty operations involving about 1.4 km of the road. They were organised in stages, to reduce as much as possible disruptions to public traffic.

The 82 metres of main beams are supported on pylons made on site, by means of elastomeric devices designed to assure transmission of dynamic stresses on the pylon. the supports are arranged at different elevations, between 8 and 9 metres high. The 182 metres of secondary beams are overhanging, completely self-supporting, on the steep slope of the mountainside and provide support to the slabs (302 m2), forming the road surface. The secondary NPS® CLS beams have concrete footing and are also self-supporting like the main beams, as well as supporting the relevant slab.

Products used in the project

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