30 March 2012

Tecnostrutture: the first company in Italy to obtain EN 1090-1 certification

Bureau Veritas Italia is proud to announce the certification of Tecnostrutture Srl, the leading company in the sector of mixed steel-concrete self-bearing structures, known by the name of REP® Beams and Columns. Tecnostrutture Srl is therefore the first Italian company to obtain CE certification in accordance with EN 1090-1.

This standard allows the company to apply the CE marking from January 1 2011, which greatly affects all producers that process metal work elements for structural use, with the aim of guaranteeing, in the full spirit of the CPD-CPR (Construction Products Directive - Construction Products Regulation), quality in terms of technical requirements of the metal products put on the national and European market.

The CE marking replaces the Central Technical Service certificate for producers of structural metalwork, which can no longer be used after July 1, 2014 (The end of the "co-existing" period between national and community provisions).

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