Benefits of airpop material

  • Airfloor® is a self-supporting floor with an airpop base that acts as a disposable formwork. Airpop is the new international name for the material known until now as EPS. Made up of 98% air, airpop is lightweight, yet resistant to 250 KPa of compression.
  • Insulation > is an effective thermal insulator. Thanks to its closed-cell structure made up of 98% air, it can ensure a thermal conductivity λ of less than 0.038 W/(mk).
  • Hygienic > it is an inert material so it cannot be attacked by fungi, bacteria or other microorganisms and therefore does not rot or go mouldy.
  • Recyclable > 100%.
  • Non-toxic > does not release harmful substances and is odourless.
  • Durable > Scientific and practical insights prove its quality. Airpop does not sublimate over time. Source
  • Water repellent > water absorption by total immersion in the long term is less than 4% (UNI EN 12087) and it has a high resistance to vapour diffusion.
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