Hospital Beato Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo - Aymeric Zublena

The hospital complex designed by architect Aymeric Zublena consists of a central building, 7 buildings reserved for hospital stays, and 3 branches of the hospital street.

As a public building, the construction priority was limiting construction time as much as possible to the 42 months agreed upon.

The square mesh for the hospitalisation bodies (7.2x7.2 m), and (6.6x6.6 m) for the health care building, translates into a very simple system, consisting of PDTI® circular columns and self-supported truss beams with a mixed steel-concrete structure, coupled with precast, prestressed ceiling slabs.

The mixed steel-concrete structural, self-bearing solution, meets the architectural requirements to reduce to a minimum the overall dimensions of the vertical structures, and thus ensure the spaces are utilised to their maximum potential and offers a cost-effective and tried and tested structural layout, capable of ensuring construction in short times in compliance with the set deadlines.

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