Hospital 'Sibaritide', Catania, Italy

The construction site of the new Sibaritide hospital is located in Calabria between the municipalities of Corigliano and Rossano. It occupies an area of 130,000 m2 and has a surface area of 62,000 m2.

Tecnostrutture is supplying 592 PDTI® pillars and almost 4,000 NPS® beams that will be filled with concrete on site.

"Certainly," reports Domenico Petrone, project manager of the General Contractor D'Agostino Costruzioni Generali, "it will be a modern structure equipped with a complex technology. New Performance System consists of composite steel-concrete beams and columns. All construction elements contribute to a lower environmental impact at all stages of the life cycle. Produced in the factory, the elements are assembled on site in a totally self-supporting manner, eliminating the need for temporary formwork and shoring. This speeds up construction. A light, safe and earthquake-proof structure.

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