Parking de la Douane, Nice France

Parking lot with 5 underground levels, 482 car spaces, bottom at -15 m (a.s.l.), floor size approx. 85m x 35m + 800 m2 entry/exit, 16,000 m2 slabs.

Among the international work sites in which the NPS® technology is used, the Parking de la Douane of Nice is a clear example of how the critical issues connected with the need for top down construction, especially with a poorly bearing soil, have been addressed by using NPS® Basic beams and self-supporting prestressed slabs.

The construction company Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A. required a solution with consistent and coplanar intrados and was unable to shore because this would have prevented sub-excavations. The Tecnostrutture solution assured members were self-supporting during top down excavation.

A solution that also took into account the need for complying with aesthetic as well as structural requirements. The NPS® beams supplied indeed are sandblasted and painted with polyurea to assure durability in aggressive environment. They were then wrapped in a protective plastic film to be removed at the end of work site operations so as to protect the applied coating.

Approximately 3 months elapsed from request for supply to installation.

Products used in the project

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