Angelini headquarters, Rome

The NPS® technology consisting of beams and mixed pillars is used in all the office buildings of the complex.

The four blocks arranged in a horseshoe, thanks to their evenness, lend themselves well to using composite structures. The mesh consists of Sismo PDTI® pillars with pre-installed seismic isolator and PDTI® steel pillars, subsequently filled with concrete, coupled with beams with up to 10 metre span. 

The building aims at Gold LEED certification.

A building called “Bridge” is superposed above the office spaces. “This building represents an actual design bet” - say the designers Fulvia Petri and Alessandro Pieretto of Tecnostrutture who have sized the NPS® elements – “The unevenness of the plan is extreme: cantilevered beams, spans up to 15 metres, obtuse or acute angles, but never perpendicular, multi-way nodes at the confluence of 3 or even 4 NPS® beams."
This is the proof that NPS® is able to turn any architectural drawing into a structure, allowing the architect to have free rein.

Products used in the project

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