Angelini headquarters S.p.A, Rome

An example of seismic-resistant, sustainable reconstruction without any land waste, was built with Tecnostrutture's NPS® technology. The 'Casa Angelini' building has obtained LEED Platinum certification.

"The new Angelini headquarters was in fact designed with the intention of contributing to the redevelopment of the area, employing innovative technologies, focusing on architectural quality and structural safety," - says engineer Gianluca Salin, who is the project manager of Angelini Immobiliare S.p.a.

Although standards are not imposing an obligation to seismically isolate the building, the commissioning makes a different choice and voluntarily decides to seismically isolate the building to ensure a very high structural safety and thus also increase the value of the construction. For this project the Sismi PDTI® pillars with a steel jacket and elastomeric seismic isolator pre-installed in the factory were chosen

NPS® pillars and rafters are used in all the office buildings of the complex. The four blocks arranged in a horseshoe shape, thanks to their regularity, lend themselves well to the use of semi-prefabricated mixed structures. The mesh consists of Sismo PDTI® columns and PDTI® steel columns, subsequently filled with concrete, combined with rafters with spans up to 10 metres.

Overlooking the office space is a building named 'Bridge'. "This construction represents a real design challenge," said by the designers who dimensioned the NPS® elements, Fulvia Petri and Alessandro Pieretto of Tecnostrutture. "The irregularity of the plan is extreme: cantilevered beams, spans of up to 15 metres, obtuse or acute angles, but never perpendicular, multi-way nodes where 3 or even 4 rafters meet."

This is proof that NPS® succeeds in translating every architectural design into structure, giving the architect maximum freedom of expression.

Products used in the project

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