ITC Hotel, New Delhi, India

Complex project involving the upward extension of the hotel with the construction of 14 floors of 1000 m2 each, in part destined to 8 cinemas.

2 transfer levels are planned, one of which consists of a transfer structure that houses the false columns and rests on reinforced pillars and on new PDTI® columns.

The seismic isolation of the new overlying structure is obtained thanks to the use of seismic isolators.

The project is ongoing and currently in standby because of the COVID-19 emercency.

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Dimensions of the elements

Basic beams with 70 cm width and variable heights between 60 and 120 cm.

Spans up to 15 meters. PDTI® columns with a diameter of 50 and 70 cm.

Steel Slab of 55 + 55 cm.

Products used in the project

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